Mick Rowley

Mick Rowley

Sensei Mick Rowley
6th Dan, Aikido

Born in 1964 in Dewsbury I began my martial arts career at the age of 12, attending a Karate club in Huddersfield. This was a passion I enjoyed for 4 years when I had to finish because the club closed. For the next few years I tried several other arts including Kung Fu, and Judo, eventually finding another Karate club which I joined for a further 2 years. It was around this time in summer 1982 when I started Aikido with Vince and Roger in Mirfield. I joined Mirfield Martial Arts Club and have not looked back since.

In 1991 I got my first Dan. I gradually progressed through the grades until I reached my current grade of 6th Dan in 2013

I have been Club Chairman, a role which I first took in the 1990’s for several years and then again in 2011.

I have taken many classes over the years, mainly in the Thursday night slot. I started the kids class many years ago which has now grown into two classes which I have now passed onto other instructors to allow me to develop further opportunities. I have been involved with the Duke Of Edinburgh Scheme where we have taught Aikido to children with special needs for several years, and I have now started self defence classes for women at the club.

I have always enjoyed being a part of our club. Aikido has allowed me to meet many interesting people from around the world. Even on holiday I will find somewhere to practice, and this has allowed me to gain many friends over the years. Aikido is a fantastic art, but the people are the main reason for me continuing with my involvement. I find that if you enjoy the classes and the social life, the rest is a bonus!

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