Paul Wood

Paul Wood

Sensei Paul Wood

Martial Arts History

Firstly I would like to say that I class myself as being lucky that I have studied 2 very different martial arts that complement each other so well. I started my martial arts career at the age of 13 studying Seven Star Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu, a style which I have now studied for over 30 years and been an instructor in for 15 years. Before I started Aikido in 2002 I thought that Kung Fu and its very martial side was the only way to effectively deal with a situation. Training in Aikido has shown me how wrong I was and how much more there is to the Martial Arts world.

How you Started Aikido

At this point I owe thanks to a friend. He was a guy who wanted to try Aikido but convinced me to go along to see what I thought and if it would be good for him to try. He lasted for a month and I am still going 10 years later.

Where have you Trained and with who

I have trained with all the Sensei’s at MMA and each one brings something different to their classes but all of them have the same love of Aikido. I have attended various courses at Beverly and find training with different people from different arts of huge benefit and great at improving your own knowledge. I am a regular at the demonstrations we do through the year and will always chat if I can.

Who has Influenced You?

This is an easy one to answer, as everyone else would say I have the greatest respect for O Sensei the founder of Aikido but feel my style of Aikido fits closest to Mitsugi Saotome. He was one of O sensei’s live in students and travelled extensively with him on demonstrations. His flowing style shows how harmony is of great importance to get the best from Aikido, but can and does demonstrate the martial aspect of the techniques.

What Do You Like Most About Aikido

For me the best thing about Aikido is the way it affects the rest of your life without you even knowing it, your posture changes you stand more upright and it makes you a much more tolerant and easy going person, or at least it has for me.

Advice To Anyone Starting

To anyone considering starting Aikido I would just say this, you will be starting a path that at times will appear never ending and you will feel that you are walking backwards up hill, but when everything comes together in the technique and you wonder why it worked so well when you felt to do nothing, then you are beginning to get it and you won’t want to let go.

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