Aikido was developed in the early 1900’s from the older arts of jujitsu, judo and karate. The founder of Aikido, O’ Sensei Morihei Ueshiba continued to practice and teach his art right up to his death in 1969. Aikido is now practiced worldwide and its following is growing.

True Aikido is practiced with no aggression. In an attack the aggressor’s force is simply redirected and controlled using a system of movements and techniques. It is exactly this principle that makes Aikido a practical system for self-defence.

By redirecting as opposed to blocking, your attacker’s force is used against them. This makes Aikido ideal for anyone, regardless of height or stature. All you are required to have is an open mind and a commitment to learn.

Because of the calm nature of Aikido, it is mistakenly referred to as a “soft art”. Giving the impression it is not a valid system of defence. The truth of the matter is when practiced correctly you are relaxed. That is the nature of Aikido.

The way of harmony.

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