Dave Hall

I have been practicing Aikido since 2007. Back then my two eldest boys were 8 and 6 years old and I wanted them to learn a martial art to give them confidence while growing up, so that if they found themselves in a difficult and threatening situation then they could defend themselves.

Before then I had never practised any martial art and didn’t know anything about Aikido; I thought it was just another martial art of punching, striking and kicking. However, Aikido was recommended to me by a friend who did kickboxing and Shotokan Karate. He even recommended the Mirfield Martial Arts club as he knew it had a good reputation.

So I started the boys in Sensei Mick Rowley’s class and remember being completely blown away by the smooth flowing movements and the beautiful elegance of the art. I was also amazed at the principal of turning the energy of an attacker back onto the attacker. I wished I had known about Aikido 20 years ago!

It wasn’t long before I decided to give it a go. I loved it and haven’t looked back since and it has been my great honour to train under Sensei Mick Rowley, Sensei Steve Moore and Hanshi Vince Thompson.

It is a real pleasure to train at the club and I think there are a few reasons for that; it has a really great family atmosphere, it is really well run and has so many Sensei’s all with slightly different styles of techniques. This demonstrates a real strength and depth of understanding and knowledge of Aikido and is the reason we constantly take on new students.

Give it a go and don’t look back!

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