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Mirfield Martial Arts Club is one of the oldest Aikido Dojos in the UK. Our Instructors have a wealth of experience in practicing and teaching martial arts of various disciplines to all ages

“We pride ourselves in putting the students first. We are all still learning. We’re all on the same journey. That’s why It’s run by students, for students”

HANSHI Vince Thompson, Founder of MMAC


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All levels of experience and fitness are welcome. From 6 to 76 years old, everyone is encouraged to participate.

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Who are MMAC

Mirfield Martial Arts Club is a not for profit organisation based near Leeds in Mirfield, West Yorkshire. We have been providing expert instruction in Traditional Aikido since 1975

What is Aikido

Aikido is a Japanese Martial Art developed in the early 1900’s by Morihei Ueshiba and is different to most martial arts (such as Karate and Ju-jitsu) in that it concentrates mainly on defence

Any Questions

Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page answers the most common questions we get asked, but please feel free to contact us or pop down, have a chat with us and see what we do

Why Choose AIKIDO

Discover Something new about yourself

Aikido was developed in the early 1900’s from the older arts of jujitsu, judo and karate. The founder of Aikido, O’ Sensei Morihei Ueshiba continued to practice and teach his art right up to his death in 1969. Aikido is now practiced worldwide and its following is growing.

True Aikido is practiced with no aggression. In an attack the aggressor’s force is simply redirected and controlled using a system of movements and techniques. It is exactly this principle that makes Aikido a practical system for self-defence.


The Best of Aikido

Build Confidence

Excellent training for challenging situations and conflict resolution. Not being a victim isn’t the same as learning to fight.

Build Strength

Although not formal strength training, you will build strength and flexibility that helps posture and wellbeing.

Learn Practical Tools

Although not a combative art, you will learn self-defence that is both useful and practical.  

Inner Calm

It might seem counter intuitive, but Aikido is an art for life beyond the mat and you will learn some great relaxation techniques that will help you overcome stressful situations.

Expert Intsructors

Meet Our Team

Roger Bawcutt

Roger Bawcutt

7th Dan

Aikido is challenging, great fun and addictive. That’s why I’m still here teaching and learning almost 40 years later. 

Vince Thompson

Vince Thompson

8th Dan, Hanshi. Club Founder

I started Mirfield Martial Arts Club in 1974 on a Sunday night in a gym at Ravensthorpe Boys Club.

Mark Warburton

Mark Warburton

5th Dan, Club Secretary

I started aikido in 1991 , got hooked immediately and never looked back.Aikido is not just a great defensive martial art but can influence your outlook on life.

Steve Moore

Steve Moore

5th Dan, Club Chairman

MMAC is a special place and I’m proud to be an Instructor and Chairman. As well as great training, we have a great culture and you can’t help but make good friends.

What People Are Saying

Can’t fault this group. Their friendly and professional instruction and support has been great for our 9 years old daughter’s confidence.”

Tracey Watts

Parent via Facebook

Very friendly, no egos, and top class instruction.”

Antony Greenwood

Student via Facebook, Yoga Studio

Very friendly and welcoming club i have learned loads already and much more to learn.”

David Peace

Student via Google

Make Friends On The Mat And Off It

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