Got Questions?

There is no such thing as a daft question.

I’m interested, what now?

Come down and see what we do! Our instructors will be happy to talk to you on the night. You can either sit and watch a class or Join and start training straight away.

What should I wear?

To start with you can wear something comfortable such as a track suit. Gi (White Suit) are available from the club for £14-£20 depending on thickness.

What ages do you teach?

We have two junior classes on a Thursday night. Check out the timetable for me information.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept children under 6 due to insurance restrictions.

Our adult classes take ages 14-130+

When should I come?

We are open four evenings a week including Sunday. Classes timings can change so it’s best to check the timetable for full details

I practice Aikido elsewhere, can I come for a one-off session?

We welcome guests and enjoy training with new people and discussing different ways of doing Aikido techniques.

Anything else to pay?

We have no hidden costs. You pay a single montly fee for seniors and juniors plus a grading fee when you’re ready. Visit our Join page for more datails.

Can I not try for free first?

Yes, but for safeguarding and insurance purposes, all students are required to join before they train.

You can train for free upto the 2nd of the succesive month which will be your first standing order date. For example, if you begin training on March 14th, your first bank payment would be April 2nd.

What if I want to take a break from training?

Your membership and insurance is reliant on you paying your monthly fees. If you wish to take a break from training, please just email us first. Be aware that there is a one-off re-joining fee of £25 when you start training again.

How do I register more than one student using the same email address? Ie Parents.

cf joining both at the same time, the parent will complete one application form before being shown the checkout page. Click ‘New Membership’ on this page to repeat the process for a second or third member before making payment.

If a member with the same email already exists, sign in first. Once signed in you click the ‘Join / Renew” button. You might see a message telling you your licence has not expired – just press ‘OK’. You will then see the screen opposite (bottom right). Click on ‘New Membership’ and add details of the second or third child etc.

Note that when a parent signs in using an email common to multiple members they can switch between them by clicking their name top right. When it comes to renewal we will guide the parent to renew all due memberships that share the email before taking a single payment.

There is a waiting list

If a class has a ‘Find Out About Our Waiting List‘ button in the timetable it means it’s full and we’re operating a waiting list on a first come basis. To register your interest please drop us an email or reach out via the contact form below. For juniors, please include your child’s name and age.

How can we help?

How can we help?

If you still have questions, feel free to reach out via the box below, drop us an email or call during mat times to speak to an instructor.

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